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    JUNCKERS SYLVA CLEANER is a universal cleaning agent for daily or periodic cleaning of lacquered and oiled wood floors. Junckers SylvaCleaner is developed to dissolve grime and dry quickly. The product does not leave a film on the surface.
    JUNCKERS SYLVA NEUTRALIZER is used for cleaning wood floor surfaces before retreatment with lacquer or oil. The product dries quickly and neutralizes any soap remnants from Junckers SylvaCleaner. It is not necessary to wash afterwards with water.
    JUNCKERS SYLVA POLISH is a maintenance protector that protects the sealed surface of Silk-matt lacquered floors.
    JUNCKERS SYLVA DISSOLVER H20 is a concentrated, water-based, slightly alkaline product for cleaning resin from sports floors. Junckers Sylva Dissolver H20 must be used in a floor washing machine. When the resin is removed, wash with Junckers Sylva Cleaner. We recommend following the instructions carefully with regard to max. 5 minutes soaking.

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    • JUNCKERS BASEFILL is a quick-drying solvent-based filler to be mixed with sanding dust for filling gaps in floors up to 2 mm wide. In combination with Junckers solvent-based or water-based lacquers, is suitable for most sanded and untreated parquet floors.
    • JUNCKERS BASEPRIME is a very fast curing primer for wooden floors where water-based primers cannot be used due to poor adhesion. Ideal for exotic and oily timbers. The product gives the wood greater depth and colour. BasePrime should only be used directly on to the bare wood.
    • JUNCKERS PRELAK is a 1-component water-based primer for all wooden floors to minimise side bonding. Dries quickly and is easy to sand. PreLak can be used with Junckers 1-pack and 2-pack water based finishes.
    • JUNCKERS PRELAK WHITE is a 1-component water-based primer for all wooden floors which gives a white transparent appearance to any wood surface. On open porous wood types, PreLak White should be applied in several coats to obtain an even distribution of the pigment.
    • JUNCKERS PROSEAL is a urethane oil-based primer for Junckers Ultramatt and water-based lacquers. With Junckers ProSeal you achieve a warm colour to the timber without using solvent based products. Overcoat with Junckers water-based HP COMMERCIAL / HP SPORT.

  • • Junckers Strong is a 1-component water-based 100% polyurethane hard-wearing lacquer that leaves a low odour. The product is used on both previously finished as well as on new or sanded old floors, and is also suitable for lacquering all kinds of indoor woodwork. Residential and light commercial use only. Not suitable for sports use.
    • Junckers HP COMMERCIAL/SPORT is a 2-component water-based 100% polyurethane lacquer. The product is for high traffic areas, high durability and is a fast curing seal. Non yellowing – ready for use the next day. Junckers HP COMMERCIAL/SPORT lacquer must be mixed with Junckers HP HARDENER before use.
    • Junckers HP FRICTION+ is a 2-component water-based polyurethane lacquer high traffic finish for commercial areas. Fast curing. Ideal for use in areas where wet slip resistance is a high priority. Achieves R10 Slip Rating. Junckers HP FRICTION+ lacquer must only be used as the final coat in a
    lacquer system.
    • JUNCKERS HP ONE is a water based 1-part low-odour and hard-wearing polyurethane lacquer for previously sealed floors, untreated or machine sanded wooden floors in sport and commercial areas.

  • JUNCKERS HP SPORTSLINE is a water-based 2-pack product for painting of court markings and other coloured areas in gymnasiums and sports halls. The product is recommended on floors coated with Junckers HP SPORT and on Junckers pre-finished lacquered floors. Available in White, Yellow, Red Blue, Green & Black.

  • Junckers oils are odour free, fully curing and used for treatment and maintenance of wooden floors. When using Junckers oils, you not only maintain the floor by using the best products, you also add a rich appearance and make the floor suitable for high-wear.

    Junckers Rustic Oils gives the wood a rich, warm lustre and a deeper shade, whilst also setting off the natural grain pattern. Rustic oils are easy to work with and produce a beautiful result. Our oils make maintaining the wood easy, whilst also preserving the natural lustre of the wood.

    You can choose between several colours from our unique Soul+Collection oils to our classic looking Rustic Oils which emphasise the character of your home and harmonise with your other interior finishes.

    • JUNCKERS RUSTIC OIL is a penetrating urethane hardening oil for floors, worktops and internal surfaces. The product is unique as it can be overcoated with Junckers HP COMMERCIAL. Use Junckers Rustic Oil when the floor cannot be lacquered due to short down time i.e. in airport lounges.

    • JUNCKERS SOUL+COLLECTION Oils are used to maintain, retreat or create a Junckers Soul+Collection appearance on untreated or machine-sanded wooden floors. It can be overcoated with Junckers HP COMMERCIAL.

    • JUNCKERS PROFESSIONAL HARDWAX OIL is an incredibly durable and fast drying oil wax that can be used for untreated and sanded parquet floors. The product protects the floor and gives a warm glow to the floor. It is ideal for home or commercial wooden floors. Use Junckers Hardwax Oil when the floor cannot be lacquered due to short down time i.e. in airport lounges. The product can be used for priming and for the final polishing. An extra layer is required for porous wood types in order to achieve the desired result. Note: Hardwax Oil can not be overcoated with water-based lacquers.

    • JUNCKERS RUSTIC TOPOIL is a very fast drying, water based alkyd oil for maintenance of surfaces treated with Rustic Oils and Hardwax Oil. The floor is “walkable” after just 30 minutes.

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