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Whiteriver Group are the leading distributors of flooring and offer a vast range of colour in their range of laminate wood flooring. We keep over 100 different types of laminate wood flooring in stock. You will always find the plank size, thickness and colour that is right for your home or project. The products are sourced from Europe’s top factories including Kronotex from Germany.
Laminate wood flooring is a very practical floor covering, the fact that it is easy to clean and durable, makes it an ideal option for your home or project. Designs have improved massively over the last 10 years and know its appearance can be on par with real wood flooring.


The main change in trends has been that our favorite colours have become more contemporary. Beige, softer oak tones and grey have become leaders. We are also seeing deeper brown tones coming on trend. In board size customers opt more and more for longer planks like our Kronotex Mammut range. These longer planks offer lengths in 1860mm compared to a standard board which is 1300mm approx. These long boards are approximately the same height as a tall person.

You may ask about herringbone and should I consider it ? yes they have become more popular over the last few years but their market share is under 10%, plank boards still remains king. Herringbone offer a unique design format considered mostly for main living rooms and larger hallways. Our herringbone range offers a really nice selection of colours, we also stock matching planks to compliment.

As discussed see below notes on Herringbones.

Selecting your floor

We wish you well in choosing your new laminate floor, we understand that choosing a floor is generally part of a bigger project and that a lot of decisions often have to be made very quickly. To help you along the way we have a full coloured brochure showing all our products. The brochure can be downloaded on our home page or you can also request a printed copy.

Our collection are split across a number of ranges. Each range offers different characteristic in thickness, width, length and colour. Our ranges are: Smart, Dynamic, Excel, Everest, Metro, Mammut, Robusto, Haro Gran Via and Haro Disano Aqua Classic.


Once you have chosen your product the most important think is to ensure your floor is installed correctly. There will be fitting instructions on each box and you can also download information from our technical bottom on our home page. Please make sure to study these in detail.

Laminate can be fitted over underfloor heating. The key thing is to ensure the correct underlay is used and that moisture checks are done before installation begins.

Your floor levels need to be checked before fitting starts and any level issues need to be fixed. A moisture check should also be done in each room and the results recorded.

Nearly all laminate are installed as floating floor. A floating floor is where the floor is fitted over an underlay which removes the friction between the base floor and the laminate. Its important to leave expansion gap around the perimeter wall, radiators pipes, doorways and any other fixed items in the room.

The reason you leave expansion is that your floor will expand and contract as the environment in your house changes. We also carry a full range of profiles to cover expansion gaps were needed.

You might ask thew question can I link all my floor together and have no expansion gaps at doorways ?. The manufacturers always recommend providing an expansion gap at these point. We understand that visually it can look very well, but you need to be very careful with the installation as there are higher chances that you will have problems when the floor expands and contracts.

No fitted units, kitchen units or Islands should be fitted directly over your floating laminate floor as they will greatly reduce the floors ability to expand and contract.

Further Information

Thank you for taking the time to read our information. We wish you the very best of in selecting your floor. If you need any more advise please do not hesitate to contact us.