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5G® Dry™

5G Dry is the latest innovation in floor locking technology. This unique solution was developed by our sister company Välinge Innovation, also known as the inventor of the first mechanical locking system for flooring.

5G Dry was developed to prevent water from seeping through the seams of the floor panels.

Thoroughly tested

The 5G Dry locking system has been developed to pass the ISO Topical Moisture test. During this test, the floor and joints are exposed to water for 24 hours and then 24 hours of drying. The test is often used to assess the behaviour of flooring installations exposed to water and spills.

Our hardened wood floors 3.0 meet all the requirements of ISO 4760.

Easy to install

It’s never been easier to install a water-resistant wooden floor.

With 5G Dry, you don’t need any extra sealant or glue. The installation of a high-quality click floor saves both time and money. And in the unlikely event that you grow tired of the floor, it can easily be uninstalled and moved to another room.

Wide Planks of Hardened Wood 3.0

Our Scandinavian-designed hardened wood floors are built to withstand the test of time with a unique blend of revolutionary technologies. The wood for our super-strong and dent-resistant floors is sourced ethically and responsibly from FSC-certified European forests.

Our latest hardened wood range is empowered by several ground-breaking technologies developed in-house by sister company Välinge Innovation, creating an exceptionally durable and long-lasting experience. The combination of the surface technology Woodura, the moisture-resistant Välinge Compositek Core, and the leakproof 5G Dry floor locking system ensure a strong and water-resistant floor that can last for generations.

The hardened wood collection is available in multiple colours, sizes and surface treatments, suitable for both residential and commercial use.

General and technical Information

Product composition

  1. Surface treatment such as brushed lacquer, pro matt lacquer and hard wax oil
  2. Compressed and hardened surface layer of wood
  3. Compressed and hardened wood-based powder layer
  4. Moisture resistant Välinge Compositek core
  5. Compressed and hardened wood-based powder layer
  6. Compressed and hardened balancing layer of wood

Width, length and thickness

  • XXL: 271 x 2378 x 11 mm
  • XL: 206 x 2200 x 11 mm
  • L: 180 x 2000 x 9,2 mm
  • M: 151 x 2000 x 9,2 mm
  • S: 151 x 1170 x 9,2 mm

Daily cleaning by wiping with a dry mop/vacuum is recommended.

Underfloor heating
Our floors work very well with a range of underfloor heating systems. For installation with underfloor heating, foil with age-resistant vapour barrier must be used, see our installation instructions for more information.

The subfloor must be dry, even and firm. Uneveness larger than 3 millimeters per inbound meter and 2 millimeters per additional meter must be smoothed out. The installation instructions, which accompany the product, must be followed.

Cutting Instructions
We recommend cutting tools with cemented carbide inserts when cutting the floorboards.

Floors of Hardened Wood are suitable for almost all rooms in homes or commercial areas that are exposed to normal wear (such as offices, waiting rooms or shops). Floors made from Hardened Wood are not suitable for wet or damp rooms (eg. bathrooms or saunas).