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Robusto 12mm 4v from Kronotex

Robusto 12mm 4V is the perfect floor for extreme levels of use. With high-density, 12mm thick fibreboard and an especially wear-resistant surface. It can cope with pretty much anything to which it is exposed, even if used for commercial purposes. Its 5G Click system is a very easy to use installation system.

Robusto 12mm has a V groove line that is especially designed for 12mm laminate flooring.

Robusto is made in Germany by Kronotex who are one of the leading European producers of laminate flooring.


Laminate flooring is mostly installed as a floating floor where it is fitted over an underlay. This underlay removes the friction between the base floor and the laminate.

The floor can be installed over underfloor heating. If installing over underfloor heating please ensure to use the correct underlay. Kronotex flooring provide full guidelines for underfloor heating.

The most important things to get right when installing are. Is the building and floor dried out fully. Is the base floor level. Make sure you leave the correct expansion around the perimeter and at doorways. Please read the instructions fully before starting your installation.