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Engineered Wood Flooring & Hardwood Flooring

Over the last two decades, Whiteriver have become market leaders in engineered wood flooring and hardwood flooring. Starting off all products were solid plank, traditionalists might have called it parquet flooring. Over the last 10 years most products have moved to engineered flooring.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring gives you all the beauty of solid wood but with more stability and a lighter footprint on the environment. It is made with two key layers, the base is made from high quality plywood its thickness can vary from 11mm to 15mm. The top layer is from your chosen hardwood and the thickness can vary from 3mm to 6mm. Overall board thickness can vary from 13mm to 21mm. By joining these two together the product becomes much more stable.


Hardwood floors continue to be very popular with its natural richness keeping it very popular. Over the last 5 years herringbone and chevron have made their mark increasing their market share. Colour tones have moved towards softer warmer tones with beige, light grey tones and softer versions of natural oak all growing in popularity. Darker brown tones have crept in in the last few years and are becoming more popular.

Selecting your floor

We wish you well in selecting your new engineered wood floor, we understand fully that choosing your floor is generally part of much bigger project and that a lot of decisions often have to be made together. To help you along we have full coloured brochure showing all our products. The brochure can be downloaded from our home page or you can request a printed copy.


We fully recommend that your installer fully reads the instructions which are in the boxes before starting your installation. Your floor can be installed as a floating floor on top of flooring underlay or it can be glued down. The three most important points for installation are that your floors are level, your house is properly heated/dry and that the moisture of the base floor is correct. The moisture of the base floor should be checked in each room and recorded. The floor can also be fitted over underfloor heating, full details are in the instructions.


Its important to fully study the aftercare instructions that come with your engineered wood flooring to ensure it performs to its optimum. Newer build house are more air tight so its important to key any eye on the humidity and temperature in your house so that the wood does not dry out or heat up too much.

Further Information

We wish you the very best of luck in search of your new engineered wood floor. If you need any more help please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.