Over the last two decades, Whiteriver floors have grown to become one of the most respected and recognised names in engineered flooring.

Selecting only the finest hardwoods and combining them with a precision multi-layer construction, Whiteriver are a high quality choice for your interior floors. The natural look of a solid wood floor with the extra stability provided by the engineered construction, you truly experience the best of both worlds with a Whiteriver Engineered Wood Floor. Available in a large range of styles and species including Monolam, Forest, Vintage, HARO, Art Deco, Heritage, Prestige, Renaissance & Herringbone. There is something to suit every home and design taste.


Available in a variety of widths: 120mm, 127mm, 150mm and 180/189mm, the Whiteriver Monolam Collection of engineered flooring offers a fantastic selection of versatile styles to suit the most contemporary or traditional home. The overall board thickness of 18mm features a 4mm top layer of finely selected real hardwood, finished to the highest manufacturing standards with either a multi-coat lacquer or UV oil finish. 14mm/15mm boards have a 3mm top layer. Whether you enjoy the classic timelessness of European Oak, the richness of American Walnut or the warmth of American Cherry, there is something in the Monolam Collection to suit every taste.


The Forest Collection boasts stunning 180/190mm width boards with 1800/1900mm lengths, giving a fashionable wide plank, long plank look to your home. Your room will radiate with the warmth of the vintage yet natural wood appearance and selection of special finishes available in the Forest Collection.


An engineered floor, specially crafted to create distinctive finishes. The Vintage Collection comes in wide 180mm plank boards with 2200mm lengths. The finest workmanship and newest manufacturing techniques collaborate to create the vintage special and original wood surfaces of the Vintage Collection.


HARO is Germany‘s leading parquet (engineered) floor manufacturer with more than 140 years experience. HARO parquet floors come in a variety of hard-wearing, easy-care surfaces: NATURADUR super matt varnish finish or naturalin oil finish. Haro Engineered flooring gives you many options for turning your individual vision of a beautiful, comfortable home into reality.

Art Deco

The art deco collection is a premium range of extra wide plank floors made from the finest quality European oak. With a board width of 220mm and length of 2200mm long, these boards are generous in their proportion. Art deco floors feature a high quality grading which adds character and warmth to the floor. Stylish surfaces with oil/wax finishes complete the desirable and on-trend look of these floors.


Our premium range of engineered floors, with wide plank 180/189/190mm boards, The Heritage Range is a stunning collection of floors that will an enhance any room with its bold dimensions. The boards are a proud 1900mm/2200mm in length for that sought-after long board look Boasting 18mm or 20mm thick boards with a 4mm or 6mm real wood layer, they are the height of excellence in construction and design. Whether your tastes are for light floors, darker woods, lacquered or matt finishes, the Heritage range has been extended to bigger than ever before to maximise your options.


Go Big. An extension of our Heritage premium range of engineered floors, Prestige range floors feature the stunning extra large width of 220mm. As with the rest of the Heritage Range, the boards are 2200mm in length for that sought-after long board look. They also boast with 20mm thick boards with 5mm or 6mm real wood layer. Really make the most of your most spacious rooms with the Heritage Prestige collection.


Experience old world luxury with the 6 specialty herringbone designs; for those looking for something extra special to enhance their interiors. These floors have a stable engineered construction with a 4mm real wood top layer and are suitable for installation over underfloor heating as well.

Renaissance / XL

The Renaissance Collection is a new premium range of extra wide plank floors made from the finest quality European Oak. The birch plywood construction gives this range optimum stability. Featuring dimensions of 180/260mm wide and 1950/2400mm long, these boards are exceptional and expansive in their size and character. Experience old world luxury with speciality Herringbone designs in 120 x 600mm. The Renaissance Collection will fit into both modern and classic interiors effortlessly. Renaissance XL represents customisation, quality, exclusiveness, nature and sustainability, which are reflected in all of our designs. During the production process the floor elements are manufactured by hand. This way each plank has its own unique and exclusive appearance. XL floors are characterised by their unique surface. The exclusive finishing stands out because of the particularly varying heights, better known as Original Surface. XL can also be provided in a sanded variant, the Sanded Surface. These extraordinary floors are produced in different lengths up to as much as 4 metres long and almost 50 cm wide.