Whiteriver Group &

Cradle to Cradle. 

Our certifications and qualifications. 


Sustainable Wooden Floors

Made from natural Products. 

Our relationship with Cradle to Cradle in the Whiteriver Renaissance range remains inseperable. We aim to keep providing high quality, premium wooden products with sustainability kept in the foreground. Sustainability remains one of our most important missions and will continue to drive our company to maintain this certification and qualification.

What is Cradle to Cradle?

Cradle to Cradle remain the complete form of sustainable business. Collaborating in believing all waste can be prevented, the certified raw materials used in the Whiteriver Renaissance range can be fully reused without losing their value. 

For our clients

Whiteriver Renaissance range is well reviewed on all the criteria and is one of the few wooden floors in the world that can carry the Cradle to Cradle™ certificate.

Criteria Assesment

Whiteriver Renaissance range flooring has been assessed in five criteria: 

  1. Material Health
  2. Material Reutilization
  3. Renewable Energy & Carbon Management
  4. Water Stewardship
  5. Social Fairness

Circular Economy

There is a clear link between Cradle to Cradle™ and a circular economy. A circular economy is an economic system in which value is preserved or created by reusing products and raw materials while losing as few raw materials as possible. It is a system that offers many opportunities and cannot be ignored.

What does this mean for you

The advantage to you as a partner is that you comply with our product to the highest environmental requirements. These environmental requirements are very important in the current project market and will be essential in the future. You cannot ignore these changes and Whiteriver Group can relieve you completely in this development. We only supply the most sustainable products.

Highest Quality


Quality is vital for a product that is Cradle to Cradle Certified™. This is ensured by Whiteriver Group as there are checks carried out annually by external agencies. This way, Whiteriver Group can, therefore, guarantee the highest quality, which can support your selling point to your customer.

Stand out

Separate yourself as a provider of sustainability. 

The product we offer gives you the opportunity, in a unique way, to separate your company from your competitors. Whiteriver Group is one of the few Cradle to Cradle Certified™ wood suppliers. By distributing our products you will become a supplier of the most sustainable and innovative high-quality wooden floors.