Flooring Underlay, Flooring Glue and Accessories.

Flooring underlay and wood flooring glue for sticking down floors are probably two of the most important accessories you will choose. There are two ways to fit flooring. Floating is most popular for laminates. Hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring can be floated or stuck down. If you wish to stick your wood floor down you will use special product. Whiteriver Grip tight 50 is a top quality wood floor glue.

Underlay for your floor is very important and Whiteriver Group can help you select the most suited product. If you need a solution for underfloor heating we can also advise you on he best option suited to you.

Wondering how to finish off you floor. Whiteriver profiles can help you with their large selection. These profiles compliment the laminate colours that are in our range.

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