Composite Decking FAQ’s

Is Whiteriver decking really low maintenance?

Yes there is no need for any annual treatment but your deck needs to be cleaned regularly. See Care & Maintenance for further information.

Do Whiteriver Decks require ventilation & draining

Yes, it is similar to timber and it needs ventilation to the subconstruction to dry out after getting wet. Air should have an entry point and exit point to the subconstruction. A lack of ventilation can cause the deck to swell over time.

Do Whiteriver Decks Splinter

No Whiteriver decks do not splinter.

Do Whiteriver deck cut like wood

Yes you can use the same tools that you would use for a wood deck.

Does Whiteriver deck cost more than wood
In the short term it does, however when you compound the maintenance you have to do on wood every year the costs really add up. In a short time you will be able to see all the time and money you would have saved by using Whiteriver Decking.
How is it secured

With hidden clips, see fitting instructions.

What joist spaces do you use?

For domestic decks we recommend 400mm centres and for a commercial deck or heavy traffic area we recommend 300mm. For elevated decks above ground level of 400mm, we recommend centres of 300mm.

Will the deck fade because of sun exposure?

You can expect that there will be minor fading of up to 20%. The majority of this will happen over the first 10-12 weeks.

Is Whiteriver decking impervious to mould?

Whiteriver decking has mould inhibitors that prevent mould growing on the inside of the board. Surface mould can still happen, however it will never penetrate the board itself. Mould and mildew can be washed off.

Does Whiteriver decking have a warranty?

Yes there is a 10 year residential limited warranty on all our decking against rotting, splits, splintering and insects. (Ultrashield 15 years)

Can there be Staining?

Staining can occur thus it is important to clean up any spillage as soon as it happens.

Can I fix Deck to steel?

Yes you can but please bear in mind that steel can expand and contract.
Specific Steel Joist installation kits are available and joists must be pre drilled. Please see detailed fitting instructions to find out more on

Is it scratch-resistant?

Whiteriver deck can present some scuff marks and scratches if negative contact is made. We recommend using castor cups under furniture legs.

Storage & Handling?

Whiteriver decks should be stored on site for at least 3 days before fitting in a dry flat area and under cover.


Static electricity is a naturally occurring phenomenon and may occur on composite decks depending on environmental conditions. Static in composite boards will generally decrease as boards age. Dryer vents and heat pumps in the area of the decking may also contribute to the generation of static.


Whiteriver Composite Decking was developed to meet the exceptional high standard required for ourdoor living today. Our decking is ideal for the construction of board walks, commercial and domestic decks, marinas and swimming pool surrounds as well as many other uses. It is extremely durable, splinter-free and has a pleasant and natural feel to the surface. The deck has high anti-slip properties and is weather proof. Installation is simple using a handy clip system that creates a smooth even look to the deck. This system means that you do not have to use unsightly screws or nails and the board spacing is already worked out.

Whiteriver offer you a range of colours and designs which will suit all styles and budgets, which will add natural beauty to your home. Whiteriver decking will not require finishing when fitted and only minimal ongoing maintenance. Our range of decks are designed to withstand the harshest Irish conditions. As our decks are splinter free and have a low slip potential, this leaves them very safe for children to walk on.

Portland Collection

Our Portland Collection consists of three colour ranges – Montana, Arizona and Nevada.

Montana Composite Decking is analogous of the State its named after. “Big Sky Country” or more commonly known as ‘Montana’ . It comes with a hollow construction, or with the option of a smooth or grooved surface. Our most popular design is available in all three colour ranges and comes with matching railings and accessories.

Arizona inherits its named from the popular American State. Home of the Grand Canyon. Mile deep chasm carved by the Colorado River. Warm sunny weather and mild winters makes this indistinguishable from Arizona Composite Decking. Beautiful, resilient and enduring with double sided grooves, makes this decking quintessential for the connoisseur.

Nevada Known as the “Battle Born State”. Nevada Composite Decking deservedly gets its name from this beautiful, awe inspiring and diverse State. Tough and durable enough to withstand all types of harsh weather. Alluring texture with a contrasting grooved side or choice of a smooth appetizing side.

Ultrashield Collection

The Ultrashield collection of wood grain effect decking is available in 5 colours. Ultrashield is the new generation in composite decking. The decking is a capped wood plastic composite, which means it has an advanced premium shield encasing on all four sides around its inner core. This gives you a deck that has a smooth protective covering, which gives each board an advanced blend of rich colour variation and high definition wood grain details. The shield and core are extruded together under a very high temperature mould simultaneously, so there are no adhesives or chemicals that are harmful to the environment. The core is made from carefully selected recycled material and highly dense recycled hardwood and soft fibres that allow for greater strength and durability, and best of all its made from 90% recycled material. The shield uses an advanced engineering polymer to create a formulation which gives the boards ULTRA PROTECTION against Stains, Mildew, Mould, Splitting and Colour Fading.

Whiteriver Ultrashield decking is a high performance, eco friendly alternative which offers the warmth and appeal of natural hardwoods in 5 deluxe colours: Silver Grey, Teak, Antique, Walnut and Cedar. Whiteriver Ultrashield will not splinter or crack, due to its protective shield, making your deck safer for bare feet, small children and pets while also protecting against rot, cracking or insect damage.