Solidor are a European manufacturer of high quality plastic pedestals for decking and concrete paving. The pedestals can be continuously adjusted in height from 32mm to 1000mm. The durability of the plastic and the solidity of the construction guarantee a smooth installation in all circumstances, and an unprecedented supporting power. Our plastic pedestals are supported detailed product technical sheets and are fire rated Bfl-S1. Our pedestal system is now widely used on apartment developments in Ireland.

Solidor Pedestal used

with Whiteriver Composite Decking

Premium introduces a new generation of adjustable terrace pedestals with minimum dimensions for maximum potential. In addition, the system also offers additional new functions, allowing the even faster and simpler installation of any terrace. Consider, for example, an automatic slope corrector, the extraordinary range of the modular system from 17 millimetres to 1 metre, a screw thread with blocking mechanism or additional provisions for attaching the terrace pedestal with glue or screws.

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35 – 50mm Adjustable Pedestal


50 – 80mm Adjustable Pedestal


80 – 110mm Adjustable Pedestal


110 – 140mmmm Adjustable Pedestal


140 – 170mm Adjustable Pedestal

Watch: AK Wall Pedestals

The AK carriers allows to place the deck perfectly stable against the wall.

WATCH AK Range in action


35 – 50mm Adjustable Pedestal for wall


50 – 80mm Adjustable Pedestal for wall

Watch: Support Plates

The AK carriers allows to place the deck perfectly stable against the wall.

WATCH Support plate demo


Pedestal Support Plate with Side Fixing


Paving Pedestal Support Plate 


Flat Pedestal Support Plate

Watch: F30 Extension Piece

This extension piece can only be installed with the Comfort range of SOLIDOR. This range starts from 35 mm and is possible up to 1 m, by using our extension pieces. This extension piece is stackable and increases the pedestal by 30mm.

WATCH the f30 extension piece in action


30mm Pedestal Extension Piece


100mm Pedestal Extension Piece

Premium Low Height Pedestals

These premium low height pedestals and support plates are not compatible with the rest of the pedestal range. 


17 – 23mm Premium Adjustable Pedestal


Premium Adjustable Joist Support Plate


Premium Paving Support Plate


5MM Premium Extension Piece for P17

Watch: Protection Pads

Watch the protection pad demo - large Watch the protection pad demo - small

Square Pads

Large and Small Pedestal Protection Pads

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